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Trivia: Dragon Age II
  • Executive Meddling: The game's development was rushed in order to capitalize on the success of the previous installment.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Dragon Effect", because this game borrows some elements (voiced protagonist, dialogue wheel, greater focus on action than tactics) from Mass Effect.
    • The female Hawke is called Lady Hawke by some of the fanbase. "Mike" is a favorite name for Male Hawke, for some reason...
    • Also, a Hawke with a diplomatic/nice personality is sometimes called "Paragon!Hawke", while a Hawke with an aggressive/serious personality is called "Renegade!Hawke." A Hawke that usually takes the middle dialogue options and develops a sarcastic personality is often called Silly!Hawke.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • Let's Play: One in German by Gronkh.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Isabela has a different voice actress, since her voice was exactly like the character her previous voice actress played, Queen Anora.
    • Merrill has a different voice actor in the second game since the Dalish now have Welsh and Irish accents.
    • Anders too. Previously voiced by Greg Ellis, who also voiced Cullen (in both games), he is now voiced by Adam Howden (heard as Silas Corthwaite in Leliana's Song) because unspecified "shenanigans" made it impossible to hire Ellis for such a large role.
    • Cassandra has a different voice actress in the anime, Dawn of the Seeker, than in the game.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Dragon Age 2 was originally going to be a Gaiden Game called "Dragon Age: Exodus" with the plot for what would later become Dragon Age III being planned for Dragon Age II. Among other differences, Hawke was originally intended to be an NPC named Ulrich Von Hawke who was a werewolf with a tendency to Lick the blade: this is the origin of the out of place blood splatter on the default character appearance.
    • Anders wasn't the only candidate for the "renegade mage" role. David Gaider has said that Velanna was also considered in early development to potentially join Hawke's companions and serve as the new host for Justice.
    • The boss fight against Orsino was originally going to be exclusive to the Templar endgame. However, it was added to the mage endgame for the sake of another boss fight.
    • Anders' cat Ser-Pounce-A-Lot was going to still be around, walking around in Anders' clinic. However, he was cut since it would require making a new character model.
    • The Exiled Prince DLC was originally going to have Nathaniel Howe play a major role. While Nathaniel can still appear in the main game, he was cut from the DLC due to the possibility of his death in Awakening.
    • Much like how Origins has Awakening, Dragon Age II was going to have an expansion pack called Exalted March but was cancelled due to other projects. Some of the story elements are (apparently) being kept for Dragon Age III instead.
    • There was supposed to be a third post-release story DLC, but it was at first lumped with Exalted March, and then canceled altogether along with it. The basic storyline, however, has been worked into DAI.
    • Those who lamented the fact that Varric was not a romance option could be either cheered or further disappointed by the statement that an extra scene was cut from the very end of the game. According to Word of God, there was to have been a scene after Cassandra releases Varric, in which he reunites with Hawke and reassures her/him that while he did tell the Seeker the whole story, "I didn't tell her anything about us."
    • The Coterie Thieves' Guild was supposed to have its own Sidequest Sidestory, mostly tied to Varric's character arc, but was cut due to lack of time and funding.
    • Check out some concept art here (the first part is Mass Effect - scroll down). Most of the cast are recognizable, but Fenris "the widowmaker" had some drastically different looks.

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