!! Trivia for the Film/{{Downfall}} film

* ActorAllusion:
** Creator/ThomasKretschmann is no stranger in playing roles concerning Nazis. He [[Film/{{Stalingrad 1993}} fought in Southern Russia]], [[Film/{{Valkyrie}} assisted in stopping the July 20 Plot]], [[Film/ThePianist helped out Wladyslaw Szpilman,]] and briefly [[Film/AvengersAgeOfUltron lead HYDRA]].
** In the case of actor Ulrich Noethern, this overlaps with YouLookFamiliar, as this is his second time potraying Heinrich Himmler.
** Götz Otto, who plays Hitler's bodyguard, Otto Gunsche, had a minor role as an SS mook in ''Film/SchindlersList''. He would later lead [[ThoseWackyNazis the Nazis]] [[Film/IronSky at the dark side of the moon.]]
* ApprovalOfGod: The director of the film admits that he finds the 'Hitler Rant' meme amusing.
* FanCommunityNicknames: Fans of the film and people who make 'Hitler Rant' parodies sometimes refer to themselves as "Untergangers."
* FanNickname:
** Wilhelm Mohnke: "Bonkers" - Due to the difficulty English-speaking viewers sometimes have in pronouncing his name, many fansubs have taken to calling him "General Bonkers", because "Mohnke" sounds somewhat close to this. The in-universe fan-joke in ''WebVideo/HitlerRants'' is that Hitler is the kind of annoying boss who invents demeaning pet names for his subordinates, but Mohnke is too afraid of Hitler to correct him. Other joke fansubs straight-up say that "Bonkers" is his actual name.
** Hans Krebs is known as "The Map Pointer" due to the iconic Hitler ranting scene.
** Wilhelm Burgdorf is "Boozing Burgdorf", and less commonly "Fast-Talkin' Boozin' Burgdorf"
** Goebbels is known as [[Franchise/MastersOfTheUniverse Skeletor]] to most on the intenet. Its the [[VillainousCheekbones Cheeks]].
* GagSub: The WebVideo/HitlerRants all over Website/YouTube were quite an internet meme around 2011. They continue to be made.
* HilariousInHindsight:
** Bruno Ganz (Adolf Hitler) was offered the role of [[Film/SchindlersList Oskar Schindler]]. He refused and the role went to Liam Neeson.
** Even more hilarious is that both Bruno Ganz and Alexandra Maria Lara would later play Holocaust survivors in ''The Reader.''
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Oliver Hirschbeigel almost didn't direct the film, trying to leave the project to jump to another project that had just lost its original director. However, his contract stated that he couldn't leave the project and had to direct the film. The film that he tried to jump to? ''Film/BladeTrinity''.

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