Trivia / Doctor Who S3 E3 "The Myth Makers"

  • Creator Breakdown: William Hartnell suffered a bereavement while working on the story: the death of his Aunt Bessie, who had looked after him during his troubled childhood. Unfortunately, the tight recording schedules prevented Hartnell from taking time off to attend her funeral. This led to him becoming difficult during production, refusing to speak to actors Max Adrian or Francis de Wolff and declaring director Michael Leeston-Smith a "fool".
  • Deleted Scene: A scene cut for time featured an exchange between Vicki and Katarina, in which the two discuss how Katarina came to serve as a handmaiden. In the process, Katarina would have revealed that recent auguries have foretold her imminent death...
  • Hostility on the Set: It was rumoured that William Hartnell refused to share a scene with Max Adrian due to him being gay and Jewish. This is false, as the characters were never meant to share any scenes together anyway. He did, however feel that Adrian and Francis de Wolff were upstaging him.
  • McLeaned: Vicki was written out in this serial because producer John Wiles had been unhappy with Maureen O'Brien's complaints about her dialogue in Galaxy 4
  • Missing Episode: All four episodes are missing from the archives. There are a few brief off-screen 8mm clips made by a fan pointing his camera at the screen. These include Steven and Vicki in the TARDIS, the Doctor and Steven arguing after being captured by the Greeks and Vicki exiting the TARDIS in Troy, among others. The clips can be found on the Lost in Time DVD set.
  • Prop Recycling: Francis De Wolff wore the same costume as Agamemnon as he had worn as Agrippa in Carry On Cleo.
  • Working Title: The Mythmakers, The Myth-Makers, The Trojans. The Trojan War and The Trojan Horse.
  • You Look Familiar: