Trivia / Doctor Who S33 E13 "The Name of the Doctor"

  • All There in the Script: According to Alex Kingston, in the script for the episode, the stage directions for the sequence in which River was to slap Vastra ended with "Good luck, Neve!", referring to the actress who played Vastra. Sure enough, an outtake from the scene shows Kingston giving Neve McIntosh a slap that leaves the actress looking stunned.
  • Do Not Do This Cool Thing: Behind the Scenes example: Matt Smith relates that he and Jenna Coleman were told not to swing on the bars during the TARDIS's fall to Trenzalore. So what does Matt Smith go and do? Swing on the bars during the TARDIS's fall to Trenzalore.
  • I Knew It!: A few fans successfully guessed the revelation regarding Clara: that the modern London Clara is the original and somehow ends up splintered across time to save the Doctor's life countless times.
  • What Could Have Been: Because it wasn't certain that Matt Smith and previous Doctor performers would be available for the 50th anniversary special set up by the Cliffhanger of this episode, an alternate ending was written in case they weren't: The Doctor completely vanishes from the space-time continuum after rescuing Clara, leading into a Milestone Celebration that hinged upon Clara remembering the Doctor back into existence via encountering "various fictional forms" of him played by other actors via Stunt Casting.