Trivia / Doctor Who S31E1 "The Eleventh Hour"

  • Edited for Syndication: BBC America cut out quite a bit of this episode for re-airings, including most of the Doctor's "cravings" scene, young Amy waiting for the Doctor, the Doctor proving to the conference who he is, the woman being attacked, the Doctor's comment about Amy's accent and the "Silence Will Fall" scene with Prisoner Zero. Luckily Space Channel seems to have learned from the mistakes of the CBC and left the episode intact for those watching in Canada. BBC America premièred the episode uncut in a special timeslot (the only changes were commercials inserted here and there, but no actual footage was excluded) and for reruns for the rest of the night. They've continued the practice of "première uncut, then edit later" for all new episodes afterwards.
  • First Appearance: Of Amy Pond and Rory Williams.
  • Reality Subtext: The interior of the TARDIS is wrecked and the old Sonic Screwdriver is broken, prompting new sets and props to go with the new Doctor.
  • Working Title: "The Doctor Returns" - according to Steven Moffat, this lasted until "some smartarse" pointed out he hadn't gone anywhere.
  • You Look Familiar: One of the villagers is Cully from "The Dominators".