Trivia: Doc McStuffins

  • Bad Export for You: The South American versions of the toys are bowdlerized to the point where the good doctor herself is Ambiguously Brown or outright white in those markets. This has led to fans from those countries buying the toys from North America just because they are colored correctly.
    • The Leapfrog game is also only available in cartridge form to other few select markets outside of the six regions with the downloadable version. The big problem with this version? Cartridges are slow, and they cost more (often over twice as much) than the direct download version. Have fun waiting for the game to load!
      • This also applies to the V-Tech InnoTab game. Live outside the US, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand? Be prepared to import the Loads and Loads of Loading cartridge (also an added kick to the groin if you just added a high-speed SD card to your InnoTab).
    • Mobile Clinic and School of Medicine are technically this in Malaysia because not only they're released several months late (in Mobile Clinic's case, half a year late- since Mobile Clinic's release in Malaysia was initially substituted for the Asia-only A Little Cuddle Goes A Long Way), but so far it's only been released as part of the EzyDVD line. To wit, this line is an atrocity because not only the subtitles are hardwired and cannot be turned off, the movie only has an English language soundtrack. This contrasts against the "premium" release which the last three DVD releases got (which does have multiple language subtitles that can be turned off completely and a multi-language soundtrack) in addition to an EzyDVD release.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The show only had five DVD releases in the three years it's been out, and while Amazon, Netflix and iTunes stock the full season, those are generally No Export for You cases to the remaining 66% of the world that Apple et. al. deems undeserving to buy the series off them. Episodes have started appearing on Youtube, but all of them have been manipulated in some way (ie image-flipped or squished and sound pitch changed) to throw Google's overzealous copyright-bot (which is there due to Disney's iron fist in copyrights) off.
    • Yes, it's still airing on Disney Junior, but even that it remains a pain to those who cannot get/don't want to get Disney Junior for whatever reason.note 
  • Name's the Same: One of the episode is titled Dark Knight. No, a Batman action figure isn't appearing as the patient in the episode.note 
    • One episode is titled Blame it on the Rain. The same title was used a decade earlier by an episode of HBO's Harold and the Purple Crayon animated series.
  • No Export for You: The toys are generally this outside of the Americas. They're practically nonexistent in many parts of Europe and Asia (save for a few areas with a healthy parallel import market like Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom).
    • Live in an area where Amazon, Netflix, Hulu or iTunes does not sell videos to? There's no way to get episodes of the show or season sets other than those already released onto DVD aside from getting Disney Junior and recording them yourself.
    • A game for the Leap Frog LeapPad Explorer has recently been released. The big problem? It's available for download in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand; but if you live in other countries in the world, forget about being able to download it- it's only available in the five countries mentioned above. Leapfrog's excuse that there has been a licensing issue is incredibly shaky, given that an earlier released e-book that's also for the LeapPad Explorer is also available worldwide, and oh, it's available in cartridge form in other countries (although that one's a bad export for you- cartridges are for some reason slow and cost much more).
    • Played straight is the second Leap Frog e-book- Leapfrog only sells e-books through the app store, and you're screwed if you live outside the six countries, since there is no cartridge release for this one.
      • Also played straight with the V-Tech InnoTab releases. There's one video compilation and one game for the tablet, but they're also region-locked by IP addresses. While the game is potentially subvertable since it's available in cartridge form, the video isn't since like Leap Frog's eBooks for the LeapPad, there is no cartridge release for it.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Actually, Lambie is this as she sounds nothing like Puppy Clifford, and the revelation only hits when fans scrutinize the credits and put the puzzle together using Google.