Trivia: Doc Martin

  • The Danza: Martin Clunes as Dr Martin Ellingham. Further variant in that the character's surname is an anagram of series creator Dominic Minghella.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • Suffered from this at first due to Martin Clunes being well known for playing Gary on Men Behaving Badly, but this has decreased over time as he has become equally famous for this role.
    • Doctor Who fans will notice at least six familiar faces. Lon from "Snakedance" is now Portwenn's GP, where Winston Churchill is an all-purpose entrepreneur. Louisa's mother is Leela. Reverend Golightly unsuccessfully tried to sell black-market foodstuffs at one point, and The Plasmavore became a Crazy Cat Lady. And, in an earlier episode, Foon Van Hoff mistakenly gave her daughter caffeine-laden "diet pills."
  • McLeaned: Aunt Joan was killed off after Stephanie Cole chose not to return for Series 5. The character was a fixture in the setting and Martin's life, so killing her off was probably the most plausible explanation for her sudden disappearance.
  • Playing Against Type: Ian McNeice usually plays characters who are, if not posh, at least of a high status in their sphere. Here, he plays the decidedly working-class Bert Large.