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  • Name's the Same:
    • Gus has the same name as Gus Goose, who also lives at Gran'ma's farm. It's usually solved by Gus the mouse being called "Gus-Gus."
    • In Swedish, Webby was simply named Anki (Ducky, essentially). This was a name that was at this point already used for Dickie Duck.
  • Referenced by...: In The Widow Of Desire Natalie Stuart shows actress Diana Darbee the white Russian lynx coat her late husband bought her. Natalie then lets Diana try on the coat, and Diana says she feels like Scrooge diving into his money.
  • What Could Have Been: It took twenty years from Scrooge's first appearance in comics (Christmas on Bear Mountain, 1947) to his first proper role in animation (Scrooge and Money, 1967) — and twenty more years until he became a star character in animation (DuckTales, 1987) — but there was actually talk of bringing Scrooge to animation much sooner. In the fifties, when Scrooge's solo comic was beginning to really get popular, The Disney studios contacted Carl Barks to ask him to provide a story for a Scrooge McDuck cartoon, and Barks complied. According to Barks, the story was based around a similar concept to the opening parts of Only A Poor Old Man, with Scrooge trying to convince Donald how happy and carefree the life of a rich man is, while at the same time nearly suffering breakdowns at the thought of thieves or other threats to his money. For some reason, Disney ended up not using this story, and as they couldn't seem to get a grasp on the character of Scrooge at the time, the cartoon was never made.