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Trivia / Dinosaur Train

  • The Merch: It exists, but a lot of it is poorly reviewed and said to be shoddily made.
  • Science Marches On: The show does its best to stay on top of current discoveries, but sometimes it finds itself the victim of this.
    • For starters, Eoraptor might not be a theropod , but a sauropod ancestor.
    • Stygimoloch may not represent a distinct creature after all, but the subadult form of Pachycephalosaurus. Whether or not it is different, young pachycephalosaurs probably had flat (if somewhat knobbly) heads, growing domes as they aged.
    • Brachiosaurus never lived in Africa. That was Giraffatitan.
    • Recent studies show ceratopsians might have had quills on their backs.
    • The character design of Sunny Sauroposeidon is clearly based on brachiosaurids a group that the taxon probably doesn't belong to after all.
    • Adult ornithomimosaurs are now known to likely have had wings of some sort.
    • The limb proportions of Spinosaurus were probably far more unusual than depicted in the show.
    • The discovery that Dimetrodon may have been nocturnal casts doubt on the idea that its sail was primarily used for thermoregulation.
    • The giant Shonisaurus material has been reassigned to Shastasaurus.