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Trivia: Dinosaur Train
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Tiny is Sweetie Belle.
    • Ian James Corlett is the Conductor.
    • Also, while he's not as famous as either his dad or even his sister, Phil Corlett is the voice of Buddy, making this show (kind-of) a family affair. Real-life sister and brother playing sister and brother on a cartoon, with dad on the show too.
    • Gilbert, the Conductor's nephew, is voiced by Ashleigh Ball. Interestingly, his voice can be viewed as Rainbow Dash with a stuffy nose.
  • Science Marches On: The show does its best to stay on top of current discoveries, but sometimes it finds itself the victim of this.
    • For starters, Eoraptor might not be a theropod , but a sauropod ancestor.
    • Stygimoloch may not represent a distinct creature after all, but the subadult form of Pachycephalosaurus. Whether or not it is different, young pachycephalosaurs probably had flat (if somewhat knobbly) heads, growing domes as they aged.
    • Brachiosaurus never lived in Africa. That was Giraffatitan.
    • Recent studies show ceratopsians might have had quills on their backs.
    • The character design of Sunny Sauroposeidon is clearly based on brachiosaurids a group that the taxon probably doesn't belong to after all.

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