Trivia / Dinosaur King

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Only the first 15 episodes were ever released to DVD and only the first 10 were ever put on iTunes.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Expected, given 4Kids' tendency to reuse VA's, but particularly notable because several of the VA's played very similar roles in Pokémon.
    • To start off Max and his mom Aki are Ash Ketchum, his mom Delia and May.
    • Ursula, Laura and Zoe's sister Reese are Jessie and Misty.
    • Dr. Z is Brock and James.
    • Helga and Zoe's dad are Meowth.
  • Science Marches On: The feathering on the deinonychosaurs, which are now thought to have wings and a tail fan. Also Seismosaurus (now considered to be a synonym for Diplodocus), scaly Utahraptor, and Megaraptor as a deinonychosaur.
    • And Spinosaurus, which is now thought to be an short-legged, aquatic theropod.
      • The spino theory has since been disproven.