Trivia / Digimon World 2

  • No Export for You: Never released in the PAL regions, which led to Digimon World 3 getting renamed Digimon World 2003 when it got to make the trip.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Kimeramon. The Prima guide for the game planted the idea that he was in the game somewhere, and various other stories arose over the years about how you could find him through obtuse means. While Kimeramon IS in the game and fully functional, you need a Gameshark to access him. More recent evidence by some people who looked into the matter suggests that Kimeramon was available in the Japanese version via the use of a Pocket Station, but since this accessory was never released elsewhere, Kimeramon was probably dummied out. Players eventually datamined the game and discovered that Kimeramon was not on the encounter list, seemingly debunking the myth once and for all.