Trivia: Diamonds Are Forever

  • Deleted Scene:
    • A cameo by Sammy Davis Jr.
    • Plenty O'Toole having dinner with Bond, ending with Plenty inviting herself to Bond's apartment, where she struts her stuff once she's been stripped down to her bare essentials... only to have a Naked Freak-Out when the "pervert's convention" throws her out the window.
    • After being thrown out the window Plenty returns to Bond's apartment soaking wet and wearing nothing but a white Modesty Towel to hide her shame in the hopes of retrieving her clothes and to see what has become of Bond. After seeing him having sex with Tiffany an angry Plenty almost leaves... but not before going through Tiffany's purse and finding her address. It doesn't work out well for her...
  • Fatal Method Acting: Closely averted by Lana Wood when the cement block she was tied to in the swimming pool slipped down the sloping floor of the pool and dragged her underneath. Fortunately crew members spotted and rescued her.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: That narrator with no neck is playing Blofeld! And he's being assisted by Professor Zaroff!
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Draco is creating Blofeld clones!
  • Money, Dear Boy: Sean Connery received $1,250,000 but used it to set up a charity to help poorer families in Scotland with their education costs.
  • Old Shame: Defied, at least as far as Jill St. John is concerned. In the "Bond Girls Are Forever" TV special, she has a few fairly scornful things to say about actresses who view their Bond Girl roles this way.
  • The Other Darrin: Blofeld, Leiter (the fourth actor to portray him!) and Bond himself.
  • Shirley Bassey: Sang the theme song.
  • What Could Have Been: Adam West was offered the part of James Bond for this film. He declined out of respect, saying he felt the role should only be played by a British actor.
    • Burt Reynolds and Clint Eastwood also declined Bond for the same reason.
    • In Richard Maibaum's original screenplay, the villain was not Blofeld, but Auric Goldfinger's vengeful twin brother, to also be played by Gert Frobe. This was scrapped when Tom Mankiewicz was brought in for rewrites.