Trivia / Devilman

  • Fake American: Nearly all the voice actors in the English dub of Devilman: The Birth and Devilman: The Demon Bird are all in fact British people putting on American accents, with Akira and Ryo's dub actors being the very few non-British involved in the dub.
  • Executive Meddling: The whole series is a positive example. Toei approached Go Nagai about adapting his horror manga Mao Dante into an anime, but wanted a more human-looking main character. Thus Devilman was born.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: We have what appears to be a cast reunion from another Dynamic Pro-related series, Mazinkaiser SKL, as the 3 leads there play the 3 leads here for the Crossover with Cyborg 009. Case in point: