Trivia / Depeche Mode

  • Creator Breakdown: "Precious" is about Martin's divorce; "Clean" is inspired by one of Dave's many rehab visits, and "Barrel of a Gun" is inspired by Dave's attempted suicide. And nearly everything on Songs of Faith and Devotion was the result of tensions between the band members nearing breaking point.
    • Conversely, "Home" is often interpreted as Martin writing / singing from Dave's perspective after getting sober.
  • Old Shame: Several — The albums "Speak and Spell" and "A Broken Frame", "People Are People" (Martin is now embarrassed by the simplicity of the lyrics despite the fact that it was a major worldwide hit), Martin's cross-dressing phase (he still has to field embarrassing questions about this nearly 30 years later), the choreography in the "Master and Servant" video.
  • The Pete Best: Vince Clarke, their initial keyboardist / songwriter. When he departed after one album, many thought the band was doomed, which is not exactly how it played out.