Trivia / Dennou Coil

  • Bad Export for You: The series was available for download (with English subtitles) worldwide via an iPhone app, but each episode costs $2.99 and the quality was mediocre. Said service has since been discontinued. The only way it is currently available in English is on subtitled DVD from Siren Visual in Region 4 (Australia).
  • Defictionalization: Fans of the show will be delighted by the announcement of project Google Glass.
    • Google Glass didn't become as influential as people initially thought it would be, but Dennou Coil fans will find Pokémon GO to be hauntingly familiar....
  • Genius Bonus: Dennou is the archaic Japanese term for Computer that has long fallen out of use. It literally means "electronic brain".
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Australia has subtitled DVDs, and it's coming out on Blu-Ray in Japan which may be an acceptable option if you've memorized the English dialog by heart and only want to see the anime again, since Japan and the US shares the same region code for Blu-Ray.
  • No Export for You: It's been like that since the iPhone app got discontinued.
    • No longer the case for American fans as Sentai Filmworks have picked up the series for their Maiden Japan line and unlike Siren Visual's release, will come with an English dub.