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Trivia: Delicious Cinnamon
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: Their Catch Phrase "Careful, Squidward" is actually a mangling of "Careful, SpongeBob" and "Welcome, Squidward". Acknowledged and corrected by Bert during the 2013 Spring Stream.
  • Big Name Fan: Many of the fans are well known among the fanbase and will receive many greetings upon joining a stream, but two of them have more fame than all the rest: Brooke Robertson and Songofawesome. Brooke for making the thumbnail art, and Song for killing Bert.
  • Development Hell: Viet Crystal
  • Fan Nickname: When Dezz misspelled "Zeus" during the Pokemon Green livestream, he earned the nickname "Dezzlexic."
    • During the same livestream, one of the NPCs referred to the thin trees as "slenders." After a while of Slenderman jokes, someone in the chat came up with the name "SlenderBert."
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: They played a Terraria Capture the Gem match with Vlahka/Con.
  • Missing Episode: There are actually a couple different variants of this in DeliciousCinnamon videos:
    • Early in the Viet Crystal series, Bert lost the save file and had to redo everything up to Azalea Forest. None of this was recorded, but the only things that happened that were significant were 1. they hatched their egg and 2. two of their Pokemon switched genders.
      • In the middle of the Radio Tower section, Bert somehow stopped recording and forgot to continue recording. The next episode after this starts at Claire's Gym.
      • Bert has also mentioned an unrecorded Level Grinding session where he leveled up his Haunter by battling a bunch of Gravelers that just ended up exploding, which didn't affect Haunter because it's a Ghost type.
      • In Episode 49 the video was lost but the audio remained.
      • In Kanto Episode 9, Bert accidentally reveals a save state in the Ruins of Alph, which was not visited in any of the previous episodes.
    • In the middle of their Criswelvania playthrough, Mine Craft received an update, forcing them to restart their progress. They recorded a video of this, but they made it unlisted and added a link just for those who were curious.
    • Their YouTube livestream is gone and has yet to reappear.
    • Their second Pokemon Bootleg Green stream is gone due to shutting down.
    • Some of their other livestreams on other sites (such parts of the first Pokemon Green stream, Cynical Sam's solo stream, Bert and Dezz's Super Mario Bros. 3 stream, and part of the Spring 2013 stream) are also unavailable.
      • Some of the streams (like the 1/19/13 stream) are still available, but the links to access them are gone from DC's Twitch page for some reason.
  • Promoted Fangirl: One of the female fans, Minimoose, started dating Dubz in real life.
  • Vaporware: Bert's solo LP of Pokemon Green (which he also played with his friends in their first livestream) only lasted four episodes.
    • The Terraria Let's Play only lasted two episodes.

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