Trivia / Defender

For the arcade video game:

  • Hey, It's That Sound!: Defender was Williams Electronics' first video game; they had previously produced only pinball machines. The sound effects in Defender came from the company's earlier pinball games, most notably Firepower.
  • Similarly Named Works: Defender II was originally named Star Gate.
  • The NES adaptation of Defender II shares a few sounds with Punch-Out!!. Both games came out around the same time, so it's unsure who borrowed from who. The start-up tune of Defender II is the "begin round" music from Punch-Out, albeit with a Star Wars-esque flourish at the end. The tune that plays when you win a round in Defender II is the music that plays when you lose a match in Punch-Out. Lastly, and much more subtly, the sound of enemies exploding in Defender II is one of the sound effects that plays when an opponent in Punch-Out is knocked down.

For the pinball game: