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Trivia: Death to Smoochy
  • Actor Allusion: Randolph attempts to discredit Sheldon by tricking him into performing at a neo-Nazi rally.
    • Another AHX Shout-Out — Sheldon pointing a gun at Burke and saying "You just fucked with the wrong rhino". Norton's character exclaims "You just fucked with the wrong bull" before murdering the man who tried to steal his car.
  • Box Office Bomb: It grossed $8,382,938 during its theatrical release, barely a sixth of its $50 million budget.
  • Old Shame: Jon Stewart brings his work in the film up a lot, almost to the point where you might make the mistake that he's actually proud of the movie but is afraid that liking it will make him not cool.
  • What Could Have Been: Among the auditionees for the part of Spinner, the brain-damaged boxer, was Henry Rollins. Rollins tells the story of his audition here.

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