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Trivia: Deadly Premonition
  • Approval of God: SWERY loves fan content of the game, so much so that making games "fan-friendly" is apparently a core tenant of his game design philosophy. According to him, the best works are the ones that continue to impact the player long after they've stopped playing, and making characters easy to draw/write about/cosplay allows the player to keep interacting with, and experiencing, the game world long after they've stopped playing.
  • Dueling Games: Depending on who you ask, it's dueling with either Alan Wake or Heavy Rain.
  • Executive Meddling: The game originally did not have combat sections, the publishers asked that they be added while playtesting the alpha version of the game.
  • Flip Flop of God: Are the "Other World" encounters actually happening, or are they just in York's head (and Emily's)? Not surprisingly, SWERY's been asked this question in multiple interviews... and he's answered in the affirmative to both possibilities. Taking all the interviews into account, the answer seems to be something along the lines of, "The shadows represent malevolent spirits, so their encounters are mostly mental, but because mental states can have a physical effect on people, they can be fought off in a physical sense and can have a physical effect on people by affecting their state of mind." Or something like that.
  • Let's Play: Two done in Giant Bomb's Endurance Runs running concurrent to each other, an abandoned one from The Spoony Experiment, one by SA member supergreatfriend, one by Video Games Awesome! and one of the Director's Cut by Two Best Friends Play.
  • The way side missions are handled in gameplay is similar to the missions you get in the Tomba games. This is because Swery65 and many of the developers for Deadly Premonition used to worked on the Tomba games. So in a sense, Deadly Premonition is a Spiritual Successor to the Tomba! games.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Seaman is a detective solving crimes... that explains so much.
  • No Export for You: Want to play Deadly Premonition in Australia? Nope, because it's banned! At least, that's what Rising Star Games thought. The OFLC was contacted on the matter where they said they hadn't even been handed a copy of it. The European/Australian publishers said they didn't think they could get away with the content and decided not to ship it.
  • Troubled Production: Many, many websites noted the game's resemblance to Twin Peaks, and the developers noticed this, so they redesigned aspects such as the characters and rerecorded the lines for the characters.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • York's original name was David Young Henning and he also bore more than a passing resemblance to Dale Cooper, the Red Room actually did look more like a "Red Room" with the twin angels being shorter and more elderly, George had a slightly more elderly appearance with less facial hair, and the song "Miss Stiletto Heels" may not have existed in the original version, with the song "Pillow Stain" in its place, which can easily be found in the game in the sound test. The title was also originally "Rainy Woods". The Trailer can be seen here.
    • The ability to hide in dumpsters suggests you were to hide from the enemies, rather than fight most of them head on. You can see this in most of the Raincoat Killer segments. Which possibly links up the fact that the combat aspect of the game wasn't originally present and was added early in development to keep the publishers happy. Maybe the game would have been more stealth orientated.
  • Word of God: According to an interview with Swery Willie the Dalmatian is actually Kaysen's handler. Kaysen gets his orders from the Red Tree through Willie

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