Trivia / Dead Fantasy

  • Author Existence Failure: Due to Monty's untimely death in February 2015, the series won't be coming out of hiatus any time soon.
  • Schedule Slip: The first five episodes came out within a three year time space (not counting the three-minute preview of part six). That was in 2009. Due to his death in February 2015, the series will forever be unfinished.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: Monty used to be more active on the Facebook fan group, from posting previews, to commenting on general conceptions, and even asking to hear the fans' speculation on the series. However, he would also get at least one comment about Dead Fantasy on every status and photo he posted, regardless of the relevancy. This ranged from simply asking for a release date to people demanding that he "get off his lazy ass" and finish the series. This apparently reached the breaking point when someone made a comment regarding the series in a photo he was tagged in. The photo? Him and his family standing in front of his recently deceased mother's wake. Shortly afterwards, Monty converted his profile into a like page that he rarely used. Twitter was the only social media outlet that he updated regularly until his death.