* ActorAllusion: In the Season 1 episode "Detention," they're discussing the movie Film/{{The Breakfast Club}}, and Pacey (played by Joshua Jackson, one of whose earliest roles was as Charlie Conway in {{Film/The Mighty Ducks}}) disagrees with the others that Emilio Estevez is languishing in TV obscurity.
--> '''Pacey''': No way! Emilio Estevez, he was in [[Film/TheMightyDucks those Duck movies]], remember? God, those were classic. So funny!\\
(Pacey laughs to himself, while the others look at him blankly.)\\

* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: They lost the rights to "I Don't Want to Wait" by Paula Cole after season 2 and a new song was chosen for the opening theme. Re-releases of the first two seasons, including the streaming of the seasons on Netflix, has the second song replace the iconic song.
* PlayingAgainstType: Michael Pitt, who would go on to play psychopathic characters such as [[Series/BoardwalkEmpire Jimmy Darmody]] and [[Series/{{Hannibal}} Mason Verger]] plays {{Adorkable}} [[LovableJock jock]] Henry. Coincidentally, Michael Pitt regards his time on the show as an OldShame.
* StarMakingRole: Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, and Michelle Williams.
* ThrowItIn: Dawson's infamous crying face wasn't scripted. James Van Der Beek was genuinely crying.
* TropeNamer: For DawsonCasting. Particularly 20 year-old James van der Beek (Dawson), 26 year-old Kerr Smith (Jack), and ''30 year-old'' Meredith Monroe (Andie) playing high school sophomores.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Supposedly, Dawson was originally meant to be gay like the creator Kevin Williamson but {{Executive Meddling}} vetoed the idea and Jack was created instead. TheWorldWasNotReady.