Trivia / David Mitchell

  • Money, Dear Boy: He took criticism for doing the Mac vs. PC ad spots, to which both he and Webb replied that they have to pay the bills the same as everyone else.
  • Name's the Same: As the author David Mitchell, and a few others.
    There are several other David Mitchells [...] including Dame Nellie Melba's father, although he, to give him credit, is dead.
  • One of Us:
    • Describes Command & Conquer: Red Alert as "a game with which I was once briefly obsessed."
    • Subverted with regards to Doctor Who; although (contrary to the reaction of aggrieved Doctor Who fans) it's clear he doesn't actually hate the show, in one of his Soapbox episodes he recalls that at one point he considered himself a big fan of the show until he encountered some actual big fans of the show, at which point he realized that he wasn't anywhere close. He also points out that the show's primary audience is and always has been kids, and so it doesn't and shouldn't matter what a grown man thinks about it anyway. He did once claim that he would have liked to have been cast as the Doctor, so presumably still has some affection for the show.
  • Typecasting: Parodied in a sketch where he plays both a ship's captain and the detective interviewing him, explaining to an annoyed Robert Webb that those kinds of authoritarian characters are "my thing."