Trivia: David Letterman

  • Creator Couple: Letterman and Merrill Markoe during the first few years of Late Night.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: With Late Night co-owned by NBC Productions and Letterman's World Wide Pants, don't expect a "Best Of" DVD anytime soon.
  • One of Us: Dave has made it pretty blatant that he likes classic game shows, among other things.
  • The Pete Best: Frank Owens, Dave's Musical Director for his Morning Show before Paul.
    • Hiram Bullock was the band's guitarist from 1982-84, but his replacement Sid McGinnis has been there ever since.
    • Parliament-Funkadelic keyboardist Bernie Worrell was part of the original CBS Orchestra after Letterman made his Channel Hop, but left a few months later when CBS pressured Paul Shaffer to replace him with some horn players.
  • What Could Have Been: The Super Bowl commercial with Oprah and Leno was planned to feature Conan O'Brien, but Conan's deal with NBC stipulated that he couldn't appear on television for several months after leaving The Tonight Show.
    • More to the point (at least according to Bill Carter) Conan didn't want to do the commercial.
    • Conan O'Brien applied for a job as a writer for Letterman around 1986, and was apparently seriously considered. When Letterman was reminded (years after the fact) just who he'd turned down, his response was "Well, our loss."
    • Possibly the biggest 'What Could Have Been' ever.... The Tonight Show starring David Letterman.