Trivia: Dave Barry

  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Alert readers may notice that Barry's books and columns were usually illustrated by cartoonist Jeff MacNelly (creator of Shoe and Pluggers). His successor on both strips, Gary Brookins, also took over illustration duties for the books and columns after MacNelly died in 2000.
  • Old Shame: Dave Barry in Cyberspace recounts an embarrassing incident involving Usenet; on March 17, 1994, he wrote a jocularly profane message to a reporter who wanted to interview him and accidentally posted it to the Usenet group instead of sending it by private e-mail. This became legendary around the Internet as the "Chuckletrousers" post. Several days later, the reporter, Michael Bywater, posted to the same newsgroup complaining that he had been forwarded 2,038 copies of the message and didn't want any more.