Trivia: Danny Phantom


Random bits:

  • The name "Vlad Plasmius" was claimed by Marmel to be written on a brick he bought.
  • Tucker Foley was named after Chris Tucker and Eddie Murphy's character Axel Foley from Beverly Hill Cops. Jazz was named after a character from the Next Men series. Vlad is derived from Vlad Dracula III, the original inspiration for Dracula.
  • For that matter, Vlad was originally intended to be a vampire, hence why his ghostly form heavily resembles one.
    • Also, hence the name "Plasmius"—from "plasma," or blood.
  • Danny Phantom's eyebrows were at one time (in production) white like his hair, but they were changed back to black—they made him look too old.
  • Look at Sam's room right after the theme song in "Control Freaks." Sam has a (musical) keyboard lying on her floor. Perhaps she plays!
    • Also, there's a red version of Ember's guitar in Jazz's room in "Fanning the Flames".
  • In a first season episode, where Tucker is editing his grades, the only ones he has A's in are Computers and ...Sewing.
  • According to one of the admins on Butch Hartman's forums (before the site eventually ended), Hartman stated not everyone can become a half ghost the same way Danny and Vlad did. Meaning if it were Sam or Tucker who entered the portal, it would have more likely killed them than turn them half ghost.