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    Trivia for the Bram Stoker novel: 
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!:
    • Dracula did not speak with Vampire Vords in the original book—in fact, the story even makes it clear he has Surprisingly Good English. The accent would come from later adaptations of the story and parodies of it. And in the original book, Dracula never once said "I vant to suck your blood!" and he wouldn't have been caught dead undead saying "Bleh, bleh bleh!" The original Dracula was far too proud of a character to speak in such a manner or accent. Part of the reason he invited Jonathan was to practice his English, so he would not stand out as a foreigner when in England.
    • His vampire girls were never really called "brides" in the story. They're just simply known as "the sisters". The "brides" term came from the 60's movie, The Brides of Dracula, that more or less stuck.
  • Defictionalization: There have been several recipes for Robber Steak printed on the Internet; Dracula-themed restaurants around Transylvania even have them on their menus.
  • Missing Episode: An early chapter of the novel, concerning an unnamed Englishman's (whom most assume to be Jonathan Harker with the numbers sanded off) run in with a vampiress in Munich while on his way to Transylvania on business, was removed from the original manuscript by the publisher. Two years after Stoker's death, it was released as the short story "Dracula's Guest".
  • Science Marches On:
    • When Van Helsing realizes that Lucy is anaemic because her blood is being drained by Dracula, he orders that her three suitors give her blood transfusions to save her life. Transfusions were performed during this time period, but blood types had yet to be discovered. Depending on the blood-types of the parties involved, Lucy's transfusions could have been fatal in their own right. In the story, they are only unsuccessful because Dracula keeps preying on her.
    • Dracula's appearance is compiled based on Victorian ideas of physiognomy, which hold that criminals are racially degenerate and atavistically regressive. Dracula's features in particular paint him as a thug and sexual deviant. All of these principles have since been thoroughly discredited.
  • What Could Have Been: According to Stoker's notes, Dracula's castle could have become a Collapsing Lair when Dracula was killed, complete with erupting volcano. Ironically the Castlevania games would run with the idea decades later.
  • Working Title: Originally The Dead Un-dead, which became just The Un-dead, then Count Wampyr, before Stoker happened upon a book of Wallachian history and fell in love with the name "Dracula."

    Trivia for 2013 TV series: