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Trivia / DC Universe Online

  • Billing Displacement: Circe, the mentor for mystical villains, is replaced on the box art by Catwoman.
  • Fan Nickname: Some have called the game (specifically, if you play as a superhero) "The best Superman Game Ever Made"
  • Retroactive Recognition: Fans of Red vs. Blue and RWBY may recognise Gray Haddock (Locus and Roman Torchwick, respectively) as Green Lantern.
    • From the same series, we have Shannon Mc Cormick (Agent Washington and Ozpin) as the Riddler and just recently Jen Brown (Agent Carolina and Pyrrha) as Harley Quinn "[1].
  • What Could Have Been: There's a concept for a Sinestro Corps-based Iconic Battlesuit "Sinestro's Might. But with the first DLC (Fight for the Light) it is now the style set Sector Incendiary.
    • Also, the Flash in the game was originally intended to be Wally West (And likewise Hunter Zolomon as Zoom), but it was changed to Barry Allen (And again, likewise with Eobard Thawne as Professor Zoom, but in Zolomon's costume).
    • Concept Art was drawn for Vic Sage as The Question, but the one you encounter in-game is Reneé Montoya. Though Vic is mentioned in the Briefings found during "The Hunt" challenge mission.