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Trivia: DCLAU
  • Adored by the Network: Current-season episodes (especially by latest airdate) will be aired until you've memorized them, while older episodes will air much less frequently. Similarly, they'll have mini-marathons of various currently-airing shows every day (compounding the previously described Adored Episode situation) while any concluded series that does not have On Deck or Wizards in the title is pretty much viewable only through DVD or Netflix purchase, and even so the former is aired only on late-night dead hours (unless it's Disney XD) and the latter is barely in a better position.
    • To put this into some perspective: Disney Channel made a promotion of a Gravity Falls marathon that aired Oct 20 2012 consisting of four episodes. The schedule for Oct 26 2012 listed six consecutive episodes of Good Luck Charlie - essentially an unannounced marathon that was an hour longer than the promoted Gravity Falls "marathon." And this doesn't count episodes of Good Luck Charlie that aired still later the same day, non-consecutively. The daily schedule on Disney Channel typically resembles something like this with various other shows.
    • And now, every Disney XD original series that is not a one of these, or a Marvel Universe show (one of which is already Screwed Over however) has been cancelled, much to the frustration to many animation fans who enjoyed the shows. Whereas Lab Rats, Kickin' It and Crash And Bernstein all remain on the air, with tons of promotion.
    • The "Disney Replay" throwback/nostalgia block alleviates this situation somewhat, mainly with pre-DCLAU shows like Even Stevens, Phil of the Future and Lizzie McGuire along with older DCLAU shows like That's So Raven, Cory in the House, Hannah Montana and Sonny With a Chance/So Random!! as well as older DCOMs. Too bad for nostalgia fans that the block starts at midnight on Thursday (the block used to be semi-formally called Throwback Thursday and thus barely fit the primary qualifying definition).
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Unlike Nickelodeon, Disney has never released a full boxset DVD collection of any of its DCLAU series, including its most popular and seminal series like Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Lizzie McGuire (However, there are boxsets for these shows but only outside North America). Some recently completed series that still get big draws like Suite Life on Deck and Wizards of Waverly Place will be shown during the Graveyard Hours (and not the full run either - for example, any episodes that run past the standard 23-minute run time - including the extended finales - will simply be left out of the run altogether). DVD collections do exist, but they're typically just a handful of random episodes, about three to five tops to represent an entire 65 to 80 (or more) episode series. Other than that, just about the only way to see any older series is through YouTube or file sharing sites.
    • The older DCOMs (except for the mega-popular ones that practically define the network, such as High School Musical) might be shown during the Graveyard Hours even beyond what's mentioned above. Somewhat annoying considering that they tend to play newer DCOMs nearly to death during primetime hours.
    • Disney Channel's "Throwback Thursday" block (actually closer to "Throwback Wednesday" since it airs right at Midnight) has helped get some of the older series and DCOMs some exposure, two episodes or a single DCOM a week at a time.
    • Some of the series are available in their entirety on Netflix, however (though paradoxically, some of the currently-running series including Austin & Ally will be perpetually stuck on Season 2 or earlier on Netflix, though this seems to be almost resolved now).
    • This has resulted in a somewhat bizarre Urban Legend about a tyrannical and Kamen Rider-obsessed near-Harry S. Plinkett-like figure handing out DCLAU (and Nickelodeon, and other similar shows from other networks) episodes on IRC channels in return for bizarre, almost personality cult-like behavior and production of internet drama - often said to be capable of producing these episodes on the day of airing or even in some cases before.
  • Marathon Running: The ultimate conclusion of Adored By The Network as described above.
  • Production Posse: Most of the shows in the DCLAU are produced by It's a Laugh Productions, which is why you keep seeing the same name for director or producer across multiple shows (let alone the recycling of familiar faces on-camera).
  • Screwed by the Network: I'm in the Band was abruptly canceled after one season, for unexplained reasons, all the while apparently being the highest-rated live action show on Disney XD.

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