Trivia: Cutey Honey The Live

  • Actor Allusion: Hayami, played by Shouma Yamamoto, goes crazy and starts fighting a group of bikers with a long pole. This is reminiscent of his previous role of DAN White Knight of the Midnight Sun in Garo: Beast of the White Night, where his Makai Weapon was a bo/spear.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: It is by the same people who produce Kamen Rider.
    • Tsubasa Yamagatana takes time off from being the White Knight in GARO to be a perverted Detective before taking his rightful place as the Fangire King.
    • Masato Kusaka is back and he's crazier than ever spawning 3 or 4 different personalities. Oh and he's part bird now.
    • Kodama is back, and now we know why never spoke. What a foul mouth.
    • Go Nagai, himself, appears as Dr. Kisaragi in a DVD-exclusive epilogue episode.