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Trivia: cs188
  • Black Sheep Hit: "No one needs foundation repair" was only meant to be a one-off filler, but it has become one of his most famous poops, with several sequels and spin-offs. After he took down every poop using that source due to a privacy complaint, others quickly re-uploaded them. It has also spawned legions of imitators, and countless Shout Outs referencing HoH SiS, the JoJ, and/or the phrase "do it all over again."
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Several of his poops have been taken down, including "No one needs foundation repair" and all the other HoH SiS, "James B!unt Exposes His Beautiful Genitalia at a Sandwich Shop", and "Macklemore-or-less Pops Some Pills at the Gift Shop". However, they are most often re-uploaded by others in due time.
  • Orphaned Reference: "YOUR SINK IS THE BATHROOM" contains a reference to a "Susway", a Call Back to the "James B!unt" poop that made no sense after the latter was taken down.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: He took down two of his poops, "No one needs foundation repair" and "Escape from HoH SiS", because both used an advertisement from a foundation repair company in Texas who filed a complaint against him on YouTube. After taking them down, he put up a video explaining why they were taken down, and asked that anyone else using that company's ads for a source do likewise. But three years later, after receiving a call from one of the employees saying that someone had prank-called the company, he put up another video asking people not to do that.

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