!!!The novel:
* HeAlsoDid: This from the man whose autobiography was ''{{Empire of the Sun}}?''

!!!The 1996 film:
* BannedInChina: The film was banned by the local council in the City of Westminster (which includes most of the central London cinemas) after the ''[[BritishNewspapers Daily Mail]]'' launched one of the most unhinged censorious campaigns against a single film in the UK's living memory. [[LoopholeAbuse However, anyone wanting to watch the film only had to walk along to the non-Westminster half of Shaftsbury Avenue- that is in the neighboring borough of Camden- to see it in a cinema there]].
* TheDanza: James Spader as James Ballard. This one is most certainly coincidence, as this character's name is taken from the writer (James Graham Ballard) rather than the actor.
* HeyItsThatGuy:
** The tattoo artist was a judge on ''ThisIsWonderland''.
** Vaughan was Casey in the ''Film/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'' movie, announced acts at the ''{{Exotica}}'', and shot [[Series/{{House}} Dr. House]]

!!! The 2005 film:
* RecycledTheSeries: The TV show ''Crash'', starring the late Dennis Hopper as a misanthropic Hollywood producer whose life intersects with characters from all walks of life in LA. (See Series page)