Trivia: Cow of the Wild

  • Word of God:
    • According to Tribble, Blue died of sickness the winter after her exile.
    • Yin-Yang was shown in Lupis’ flashback lying by another wolf and a cub. They haven’t been mentioned in-show, but Tribble has confirmed that Yin-Yang had three cubs (Phantom, Zero, and Gri) and a mate, Moon.
    • Kia is in love with Rune
    • Saber is Bone, Midnight and Luna’s father.
    • When a fan asked how Sharp's ear was torn, Tribble answered with: "Former abusive mate. He tore her ear, she killed him and went slightly insane with aggression and hatred towards everything.”
    • Saber and Fang’s scars are the result of a fight between the two during the Time Skip.