Trivia / Count Duckula

  • Animation Bump: In general, the animation is much better than Danger Mouse.
  • He Also Did: The narrator, actor Barry Clayton, spoke the intro for Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast".
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The series was (and still is) very popular in Mexico and Latin America in general, thanks to a very good Spanish dub work, despite having to rely on Woolseyism due to the heavy use of British humor in the series.
  • Talking to Himself: The five main cast members also played most of the guest characters, with the exception of some (but not all) female characters, who were played by Ruby Wax.
    • Mainly, Barry Clayton only voiced the narrator apart from in the final episode where he got to voice Dr. Quackbrain. Interestingly, said character doesn't interact with the main cast much due to them being under hypnosis.