Trivia / Corner Gas

  • Actor Allusion:
    • While talking about the best Canadian TV shows, Wanda says she likes Street Legal. Oscar immediately asserts that Street Legal sucked. Oscar is played by Eric Peterson, who played Leon Robinovitch on all eight series of Street Legal.
    • Julie Stewart played a detective who investigated cold cases in the Canadian drama Cold Squad. When she appears in the episode "Grad '68" as a paint store clerk, Karen tells her that she is working on a cold case, only for Stewart to reply, "Cold case? Who cares?"
    • Several episodes mention a band called "Fast Exit", which according to The Other Wiki was Brent (Butt)'s band in high school. In the finale episode, Brent (Leroy) refers to them as the greatest band of all time, until he finds out they're doing a show in Wullerton, then immediately changes his tune and calls them a bunch of has-beens.
    • In the episode "Oh, Baby", Brent attempts to pull a Full-Name Ultimatum on Lacey, but fails because he doesn't know Lacey's middle name. One of the several middle name guesses he calls out is Sunshine, which is actress Gabrielle Miller's actual middle name.
  • Big Name Fan: Lance Storm is a huge fan of the show, as shown on his Twitter
  • Casting Gag: In "Grad '68", while trying to solve the mystery of the titular phrase painted on the watertower, Karen consults a paint store clerk played by Julie Stewart of Cold Squad.
    Cold case? Who cares?
  • The Danza: Brent Butt plays ... Brent Leroy.
  • Marathon Running: The Comedy Network likes to air a marathon of the entire series at or around New Years. Or at least they did before they picked up The Big Bang Theory and became yet another adoring network.
  • Romance on the Set: Brent Butt and Nancy Robertson married in late 2005, during the airing of the third season. The two would later co-star in the series Hiccups.