Trivia / Confused Matthew

  • Creator Backlash: He redid his Minority Report review, feeling that the first time around he had spent more time bashing Spielberg and Ebert than the movie itself.
  • Follow the Leader: Another Caustic Critic. While some of his reviews do go after soft or non-controversial targets, he gets his name from doing negative reviews of well-liked movies through a scene-by-scene analysis instead of reviewing the work as a whole. His negative reviews of The Lion King and 2001: A Space Odyssey earned him no small amount of hate mail.
  • Old Shame:
    • In his review of The Dark Knight, he regrets his initial lukewarm reaction to the film, based largely on his distaste for Batman simply walking around and hitting people rather than his clever tactics from Batman Begins. Then he figured "All these great themes and ideas, and I'm complaining about how he beats people up?"
    • He grew to feel this about his Minority Report review, as he came to see it more as an attack on Steven Spielberg and Roger Ebert than an actual review of the movie. He actually said it was his biggest mistake so far, took it down and uploaded a version of the review that removed all the personal attack on Ebert and (particularly) Spielberg.
    • While reviewing The Last Airbender, he apologized for his overly broad statements about anime in his Spirited Away review, ironically while falling into the trap of thinking the Avatar franchise is anime.
    • He put out an addendum to his review of The Incredibles, after it became clear that his repeated attacks on the film going too far into Darker and Edgier territory made it sound like he thought the film should be Tastes Like Diabetes instead, when actually he just wanted more of a balance, like in Pixar's other films.
    • His review of The Prestige is apparently this, given that he completely misunderstood the twist ending (thus living up to the more obvious interpretation of his name) and that the video seems to have vanished from the face of the Internet.
    • In a Facebook post on his page in late 2016 he said that his opinions had mellowed in the time between him stopping making videos and that comment.
      Confused Matthew (Dan): 'I've had a change in philosophy a lot of the time as well. Only focusing on the screenplay is something I became known for, but I think I may have gone a bit too far in that strategy. I think more could have been said about some other aspects of certain films. Moreover, things such as "This is not a film" is something I have grown out of and abandoned altogether as the years have gone by.'
    • A later facebook post explained that he now regrets the videos created between 2010 and 2015, as he had run out of films he had motivation for, and went 100% into the Confused Matthew character. The character got meaner as time went on and insulted a lot of people, eventually leading to several jabs at his own fans.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Joked about by SF Debris in his review of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "True Q." The credits of that episode mentions "Matthew Corey" as having come up with the basic plot. Chuck jokes, "If you want some further info on the subject, perhaps he'll chime in. I have the feeling his words will get you farther than the film will ever go." This is a reference to Confused Matthew's theme song. Matthew Corey's YouTube comment reads "Hey man, Thanks for the shout-out! For the rest of you, I am not 'Confused Matthew'."