Trivia: Conan O'Brien

  • Fan Nickname: "Coco", bestowed by Tom Hanks on the second night of Conan's Tonight Show and popularized by Bradley Cooper later that week. Became a Brick Joke when Conan (jokingly) responded that it ruined his life because his own kids started calling him "Coco" instead of "daddy".
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Online archives of his runs on Late Night and Tonight have both vanished from the NBC and Hulu websites.
  • No Export for You: Not confirmed yet, but Europe will probably not get Conan's new TBS show as the only channels in that area that are run by Turner are Cartoon Network (including Boomerang, the retro animation station), Turner Classic Movies, and CNN.
    • Conan has just started showing in Ireland at midnight, a week after it shows in America.
    • Conan is now trying to get the show on in Finland.
      • Successfully. It started showing August 15th on a small tv channel as a part of the channel's rebirth.
    • Conan also started airing in Portugal on November 29.
  • One of Us
  • Screwed by the Network: Twofold.
    • NBC simply does not like him. Thankfully, the rest of the world does, as evidenced by the huge amount of support for O'Brien across the internet (and the airwaves). Even though he stated in his 60 Minutes interview that he doesn't feel that he got screwed.
      • Well, it's more complicated than that. They certainly liked him enough five years before this whole debacle when they made a deal with Jay to have him leave and Conan take his place, despite Jay being #1 and not wanting to leave, simply because they thought Leno's ratings wouldn't last and that Conan would be successful. Didn't work out the way they planned...
      • It's even more complicated than that. They promised him The Tonight Show around the time that Craig Kilborn left The Late Late Show so many people believe it was a way to keep him from defecting to CBS.
    • The ill-advised decision to park Jay's talk show (and promote it exclusively and not Conan, even in the nightly lead-ups) five nights a week at 10:00 PM managed to screw Conan and every NBC station due to the decision to cancel five nights of primetime scripted drama, causing ratings for the late local news to tank across the country, which caused Conan's ratings to tank. It arguably didn't help Jay, either.