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Trivia: Company of Heroes
  • Banned in Russia: As of 26 July, after the game was lambasted in Russia for "overblown fabrications of history", and "offensive and stereotypical lies about Soviet soldiers", the Russian publisher 1C-Softclub removed all retail copies from stores within that country. What really stands out is that this was done because this was demanded by regular players through a petition.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Garrus somehow went back in time and became an American human, but he's still a sniper. In Tales of Valor he gets his own squad and gets most of them killed too.
    • Steve Blum is the American Company Commander.
    • Keith Szarabajka voices a number of the American units, including the basic rifle squad.
    "Jesus, Conrad, tie your fuckin' laces!"
    • Crispin Freeman can be heard all over the place during the Normandy campaign and as American soldiers in gameplay.
  • What Could Have Been: Relic was initially hoping Brothers in Arms would be something they did, but Gearbox got there first.

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