Trivia / Company of Heroes

  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: While some critics have decried having a Jewish officer (Lev Isakovich) in the Red Army as "unrealistic" (anti-semitism being an almost permanent feature of the Soviet era), there was a sizeable Jewish minority among the soldiers of the Red Army (about 500,000, out of which about 200,000 died in battle or were taken captive by the Germans).
  • Banned in Russia: As of 26 July, after the game was lambasted in Russia for "overblown fabrications of history", and "offensive and stereotypical lies about Soviet soldiers", the Russian publisher 1C-Softclub removed all retail copies from stores within that country. What really stands out is that this was done because this was demanded by regular players through a petition.
  • Fan Nickname: Ubersoldaten for the Obersoldaten infantry squad, when they were at their most game-breaking.
    • Clown Car for the M3A1 Scout Cars.
  • What Could Have Been: Relic was initially hoping Brothers in Arms would be something they did, but Gearbox got there first.
    • The Oberkommando West faction for The Western Front Armies had greatly reduced resource gain from all territory and would have had to set up their supply trucks to gain more (clearly inspired by the Commonwealth forces of the first) early in development, but this design feature was cut and their reduced resource gain changed to be much less severe on release, and then the fation was later reworked to have no resource penalty what so ever. While they had the resource penalties, one of their supply trucks to could boost either their fuel gain at the cost of munitions or munitions gain for less fuel.
      • The Obersoldaten unit has a few spots in the code where the title "Honor Guard" is applied to stuff related to them, and out-of-combat dialogue has some other OKW infantry units to say they're fanatics, leading some to believe the Obersoldaten may have been planned to be more explicitly some sort of elite Waffen S.S. unit, such as 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, until Relic likely figured the censors wouldn't stand it.
    • There's a set of voice lines clearly representing an African-American male for the United States Forces' Rear Echelon unit that was never used and never had unit models to match it.
    • Concept art implies that, of course, many things changed from development to release. Notably, the Soviets seem to have been envisioned choosing/upgrading their base from "Politruk", "Guards Army" and "Shock Army" choices which undoubtedly instead was spread out among the commander system's choices, a Soviet unit concept "Recon Squad" seems to have been unused while the appearance went to Scout Sniper teams, the Wehrmacht "LMG Squad" unit concept and appearance didn't happen, and additional distinctive Wehrmacht uniforms didn't seem to have made the cut.