Trivia: Company of Heroes

  • Banned in Russia: As of 26 July, after the game was lambasted in Russia for "overblown fabrications of history", and "offensive and stereotypical lies about Soviet soldiers", the Russian publisher 1C-Softclub removed all retail copies from stores within that country. What really stands out is that this was done because this was demanded by regular players through a petition.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Garrus somehow went back in time and became an American human, but he's still a sniper. In Tales of Valor he gets his own squad and gets most of them killed too.
    • Steve Blum is the American Company Commander.
    • Keith Szarabajka voices a number of the American units, including the basic rifle squad.
    "Jesus, Conrad, tie your fuckin' laces!"
    • Crispin Freeman can be heard all over the place during the Normandy campaign and as American soldiers in gameplay.
    • The Wehrmacht announcer in the second game is voiced by Wolf Kahler, who was also the German general that made a speech in Band of Brothers and Colonel Dietrich in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • What Could Have Been: Relic was initially hoping Brothers in Arms would be something they did, but Gearbox got there first.
    • The Oberkommando West faction for The Western Front Armies had greatly reduced resource gain from all territory and would have had to set up their supply trucks to gain more (clearly inspired by the Commonwealth forces of the first), but this design feature was cut and their reduced resource gain changed to be much less severe. Additionally, they also incurred a 33% reduction on munition gains from territory on release, but this was changed in later patches - first removed and then 80%.