Trivia / Commando

Trivia entries for the film Commando:

  • Dueling Movies: This film was an attempt to capitalize on the growing popularity of the One-Man Army genre (started by Stallone's Rambo: First Blood Part II, which, like this film, was set during the Cold War), and simultaneously a vehicle to market Arnie as a hero after his Star-Making Role as a villain in The Terminator.
  • Foreign Remake: D-Day, 2008 Russian remake of the film.
  • Hey, It's That Place!: The mansion where the final shootout between Matrix and Arius took place is the same mansion where the final shootout between Axel Foley and Victor Maitland took place in Beverly Hills Cop.
  • Name's the Same / Recycled Title: Commando is also the name of a long running British Comic Book series set in World War II.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Of all people, Bennett the psycho villain was played by an actor who is a very nice person off camera, as Arnie himself recalls.
  • Technology Marches On
    • Matrix's daughter would have been dead within seconds of him being spotted by Sully at the mall if this film was set in the late 1990s. Also Matrix could've called General Kirby on a cellphone once he got off the plane.
  • Visible Boom Mic: Seen in the reflection of a car window when Bennett's vehicle drives away after dropping off Matrix at the airportnote , along with the reflection of the boom operator in a lavender shirt.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Originally, the lead role was written for Gene Simmons.
    • The final fight between Matrix and Bennett was supposed to take place on an island that was in the middle of a naval exercise between the USMC and the USN (actually referenced by the radio chatter when Matrix steals the seaplane). Unfortunately, the film used up its special effects budget killing hundreds of mooks.
    • This was originally offered to John McTiernan of Predator and Die Hard fame.
    • A sequel was planned, but Arnie didn't want to do it, so the concept was recycled into Die Hard.

Trivia entries for the Commando comic book series:

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Averted... kind of. Not only has D.C. Thomson & Co. started putting out oversized trade paperbacks of some of classic stories, but every month they usually have at least four stories that are reprints of stories that are at least a few decades old.