Trivia / Colombiana

  • California Doubling: The scene in which the cop car gets crashed into was filmed in Metairie, LA, a suburb of New Orleans. This occurs seconds after the message flashes on the screen, "Los Angeles, present day."
  • Completely Different Title: A funny story regarding the Taiwanese title. The literal meaning of the original title is "Black Orchid Beauty", but if you read it out loud in Mandarin, it sounds very similar to "Black Dick". It was eventually changed into something along the line of "Black Orchid Spirit".
  • Fake American: Brit Lennie James plays an American FBI agent. His American accent is flawless but at one point, while searching cars, he refers to the trunk as a 'boot'.
  • Fake Nationality: Half Puerto-Rican/half Dominican Zoe Saldana and Maori Cliff Curtis play Colombians.