Trivia / Cocktail

  • Breakaway Pop Hit: The Beach Boys' "Kokomo" was written for the film, and was even nominated for a Grammy for best song written for a feature.

  • This film won the Worst Picture of 1988 Golden Raspberry Award.
  • The film's VHS release marked the debut of a Walt Disney Company bumper with a four-second excerpt from musician Steve Gray's "Great Ovation". In this case, Cocktail's initial VHS release marked the premiere of a Gold Feature Presentation bumper, which has the "Great Ovation" excerpt over it and appears immediately before the film's opening Touchstone Pictures logo. This bumper was exclusive to Touchstone tapes until 1991, when two Walt Disney Classics tapes note  and Ducktales The Movie Treasure Of The Lost Lamp used it, and it was retired in early 1992, but the "Great Ovation" jingle went on to several other FP and various bumpers until 1999.