Trivia / Claude & Monet

  • Creator Couple: Rob Barba and Ayne Hart are a husband and wife creative team.
  • Mid-Development Genre Shift: The writer has mentioned the story was supposed to originally take place in the modern day before a series of modern-day soldiers-of-fortune webcomics made the creative team rethink that.
  • Schedule Slip: This happened to the creators several times during their first year of the comic for several reasons, the worst being a two-month hiatus due to their server being repeatedly hacked. After the artist burned out on a Tues/Thurs schedule, they've since moved to a Tues/Fri schedule with better results.
  • Series Hiatus: From a statement made on their website, the series has been put on hiatus due to Ayne playing caretaker for a sick relative. The series is supposed to Reboot in December 2014, per Rob.