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Trivia / City of Heroes

  • Awesome Mc Cool Name: Keetsie and Leo Braz da Cunha, FX artists.
  • Development Gag: A long history of them.
    • Just one example. A long-standing bug was that, if the game couldn't find the proper model to display for a hostage, it would use the first model on the list — a 5th Column Mek Man. Fast forward several issues to two 5th Column Mooks discussing whether disguising robots in hard light holograms will work. And in an example of Cosmic Irony, said dialogue happened in the issue which broke that bug (now instead of a Mek Man there is another model, a 5th leader).
  • Fan Nickname: When the Council were first introduced, they were known by many as "Sazis" or "Spazis" (for "Space Nazis"). Seems to have died out, though some still call the masked Galaxy soldiers "luchadores".
    • Rommy and the Fuzzies, for Romulus Augustus and his three Nictus, who look like floating balls of purple black smoke. Boobcat for the new Praetoria revamp of Bobcat's costume. Hami-O's for Hamidon Origin Enhancements. Quite a few signature characters have shortened versions for ease of use: States, Posi, BABs, Manti, GW, Scorp, and DocQ.
    • Flambimbeaux.
    • The new tutorial level for Going Rogue has been referred to as the "Praetorial".
    • The underground city of Orangebagel.
    • Certain terms for players who play "hybrid" character, like "scranker" for a player who plays a tank but acts like a scrapper, or vice-versa. More here.
  • Screwed By NCSoft: A lot of people were not happy with NC Soft's decision to close Paragon Studios. Let's leave it at that.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, it was going to be set in The Golden Age of Comic Books.
    • Apparently, Jack Emmert (the lead developer) was planning on implementing a skills system. This never came to be, with the Invention System instead.