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Trivia: Chris Jericho
  • He Also Did: He appeared as the voice of Captain Spectacular on the "Dark Matters" section of Devin Townsend's Z2 album.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • Chris Jericho was involved in perhaps the greatest match of 2001, in which he and his partner defeated Triple H and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for the WWE World Tag Team Championship on RAW. And that match will never be seen on a greatest-hits collection, because his tag-team partner was Chris Benoit. With the advent of the WWE Network & Benoit's matches remaining on the shows he took part in, this will eventually be averted as more of the immense back-log of RAW episodes are added to the archive.
    • Subverted by "Strange Kentucky People", a bizarre tribute video of Jericho given to him by a hillbilly fan during his time in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Despite the video allegedly hitting the tape-trading scene (alongside the infamous Jim Cornette Dairy Queen fiasco) and many SMW wrestlers confirming the video's existence, it has not appeared on the Internet at all.
  • Old Shame: His "Super Liger" character. He was so over in Japan and his skills were so respected that he was handpicked to play an Evil Twin of Jushin Thunder Liger. (which he compares to the idea of John Cena feuding with evil twin "Don Cena"). His first match in the role was so bad, largely due to the poorly designed mask and costume, that it was quickly dropped.
  • One of Us: Reads comic books, headlines a rock band he created for kicks, and named his son Ash.
    • Also played Dungeons & Dragons growing up.
    • Just read his books and note the number of geeky references he makes... you'll believe he's Adorkable.
  • Playing Against Type: Despite looking a lot like Hollywood's idea of the boy-next-door Everyman type, Jericho played the role of heel at least as often as that of face.
  • Screwed By The Promotion: His run in WCW, where he (along with most of the midcard) was never given a chance to move beyond Cruiserweight/TV title level, in spite of his immense talent and crowd heat.
    • His run as the first-ever WWF Undisputed Champion: the storyline had him take a back seat to Triple H & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley fighting over their pet bulldog, even though he was the world champion defending his title in the main event of WrestleMania.
      • Hell, his entire first run with WWF/E from 1999-2005, if his second book is any indication.
  • Romance on the Set: Dated Kimona Wanalaya in ECW and two of the Nitro Girls in WCW, though none of these instances became parts of storylines.
  • Viral Marketing: Jericho seems to love doing this:
    • His 1999 WWF debut was promoted with "Countdown to the Millennium" videos that actually counted down to August 9, 1999 (his debut date) as opposed to January 1, 2000.
    • Jericho's 2007 return was promoted with mysterious Matrix Raining Code that gave us SAVE_US.222 and later, SAVE_US.X29. X+1=Y and J=9+1, making it SAVE_US.Y2J.
    • Jericho's 2012 return went even more cryptic with links to YouTube videos, featuring a Creepy Boy (presumingly named Chris) prophetising his return, joined by a Creepy Girl, who seems to hold the answer to his return.
  • What Could Have Been
    • Him & Edge as WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, cut short due to Edge getting injured.
    • In his first book Chris mentions that Owen Hart was one of the main reasons he became a wrestler and wanted little else but to be one-part of the Tag-Team Champions with Owen. But, Owen died after Jericho had signed with the WWF/E, but before he had made his debut.
    • In his second book, he talks about his 2007 return and how he needed a quick, snappy Finishing Move he could hit from anywhere, a la the RKO. He created a Bulldog-into-a-DDT maneuver he wanted to call the "Boomstick." However, he turned on RAW soon after and saw Candice Michelle doing the same move. When he heard it was called the "Candy Wrapper," he knew it wouldn't be taken seriously.
    • Jericho was supposed to turn heel in 2013 and enter a feud with Ryback that would result in a match at WrestleMania 29. Then he went on a his tour with Fozzy, and once he had return said plan had changed, among others, he remained a face and was paired with Fandango instead.
  • He was gonna feud with Orton in 2012, but both managed to get suspended within a week of each other, Jericho for kicking the Brazilian flag, a huge no no in Brazil, for 30 days and Orton was suspended for his second Wellness Violation that carried a 60 days suspension.

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