Trivia / Choujinki Metalder

  • Acting for Two: A lot of the voice actors do several roles, as necessitated by the sheer number of Neros combatants. Akira Senoo also plays both Ryuusei and Tatsuo, for obvious reasons.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!
    • Gōzō Kirihara is played by Shinji Tōdō, who also played Takuya Yamashiro in Toei's Japanese version of Spider-Man.
    • Hakkō Kita is played by Kazuoki Takahashi (the former Change Griffon)
    • Episodes 25-26 involves Ryusei and Hakko teaming up with the Jack Blitzkrieg Cheer Squad, Hakko Kita's old biker buddies. The gang is played by an all-star lineup of veteran actors from the Japan Action Club, including previous Metal Heroes Hiroshi Watari (Spielban and Sharivan), Kenji Oba (Gavan) and Makoto Sumikawa (Spielban's Diana), as well as Sumiko Tanaka (the second Yellow Four) and Metalder's stunt actor Kazuyoshi Yamada.
    • Ken Uehara (Prof. Koga) was by far the biggest name in the show, having been a movie actor since 1939. (They might have been playing on this as a Casting Gag. Also, Akira Senoo was apparently very nervous upon meeting him - the debuting actor meeting the 40+ year veteran.)
  • Hey, It's That Voice!
    • Metalder's voice (except in Episode 2 and his very last scene in episode 39, where he is voiced by his alter-ego) is none other than Michiro Iida.
    • The legions of Neros have many anime voice actors behind them. Shozo Iizuka, Takeshi Watabe, Toku Nishio and Atso Mori just to name a few.