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Trivia: Childish Gambino
  • Casting Gag: Being the voice of Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-Man. His audition for The Amazing Spider-Man actually led to Brian Bendis creating Miles Morales as response in the comics. So in otherwords, Glover is now voicing the character he inspired the creation of.
  • Doing It for the Art: All of his releases up until Camp were released for free.
    • The screenplay that accompanies because the internet is a case of this too. Gambino had planned to follow up his short film 'Clapping for the Wrong Reasons with the feature length bte'' film.
  • Fan Community Nickname: 'Campers.' He also refers to his female fans as 'Gambino Girls' in several songs.
  • Fan Nickname: Dong Lover, after his infamous former Twitter handle.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: 30 Rock fans will recognise him from his occasional cameos, including a stage tech in one episode, and appearing as a younger version of Tracy Jordan getting his big break on the second live episode.
    • Fans of the show Girls might know him as Sandy, Hannah's rebound boyfriend after her breakup with Adam.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Yep, Troy Barnes is Childish Gambino!
    • He's also Marshall Lee on the Adventure Time episodes that have everyone gender-flipped, and even references this trope on "Think of Me:" "I know your voice, man, you Marshall Lee, right?"
  • Hitless Hit Album: Both Camp and Because the Internet were on or near the top 10 of the Billboard 200, with the singles from those albums barely scraping the top 100 (although they did better on the genre charts).
  • Sesame Street Cred: Glover actually appeared on Sesame Street as the musician LMNOP. He also appeared on an episode of Regular Show (though Regular Show, like a lot of Cartoon Network in-house programming, is only a kids' cartoon because the humor/subject matter isn't over-the-top enough for [adult swim]).
  • Method Acting: Bino acted as The Boy for the month or so leading up to the release of because the internet, even wearing the same outfit every day.
  • Old Shame: He doesn't seem to be very proud of his earliest works, saying that he was hiding behind gimmicks on Sick Boi and Poindexter, and that the even earlier (and rarer) album The Younger I Get was "decrepit Drake." He's also expressed some regrets about Camp's rather bitter, paranoid atmosphere.
  • One of Us: He recorded an album based on the internet, invoking memes throughout. But if that wasn't enough...
    • One of the final Star Wars references on because the internet is, "She on my back about it (C3PO, C3PO, C3PO)"
    • "That ain't ironic, bitch, I love Rugrats!" from "L.E.S."
    • Bino has been stressing at the tail end of 2013 that learning coding languages will be important to everyone's future.
  • What Could Have Been: Donald Glover originally auditioned to be a Saturday Night Live cast member around the time that the show (and other shows) were on hiatus due to the late 2007-early 2008 Writers' Guild strike, as Lorne Michaels was looking for someone to play Barack Obama (and fill the void left behind by Maya Rudolph). Sadly, Glover (and MADtv's Jordan Peele) didn't make the cut, as Lorne decided to look inward in his cast and pick Fred Armisen, causing a lot of complaints over Fred not being the right race to play him. SNL wouldn't have an actual skinny black guynote  play Obama until Jay Pharoah came on the show in 2010, though Pharoah didn't play Obama until season 38 (2012-2013 season, which was when Fred Armisen retired his Obama impression as it was his last year on the show).
    • There was a huge online push to have him cast as Spider-Man, but it didn't happen. On the bright side, though, it was a comment from someone who opposed the push ("There aren't black kids like Peter Parker") that inspired EP, generally considered to be the point at which he Grew The Beard and began getting wider recognition. He eventually ended up cast as Miles Morales on Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors.
    • "earth: the oldest computer" originally featured Macklemore. His contribution's removal (and replacement by Azealia Banks) came so late that the original pressings of because the internet came with a corrections card.

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