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Trivia: Chasing Amy
  • Actor Allusion: In a manner of speaking, the whole plot. The story is inspired by Kevin Smith's relationship with star Joey Lauren Adams, and so in a sense she is "Amy."
  • Cowboy Bebop at His Computer:
    • One reviewer mixed up Jay and Silent Bob, with baffling results.
    • Roger Ebert mixed up Banky and Holden.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • Look for early appearances by Matt Damon and Casey Affleck.
    • Brian O'Halloran also shows up in his trademark cameo as one of the identical Hicks cousins floating around the Askewniverse.
  • Name's the Same: Gwen Turner shares a name with Guinevere Turner (who appears in a cameo in this film)
  • What Could Have Been: The movie was apparently only two votes away from an Acadamy Award nomination for "Best Original Screenplay." One can only wonder what this would have done from both the film and Kevin Smith's reputation.

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