Trivia / Chaos Card Captor Sakura



  • Development Hell: Starting Date: January 2006 (including early drafts). Current status: Dead Fic (as of April 2011).
    • Chapter 6 was rotting so deeply in Development Hell that the author split it into two separate chapters, Chapter 6.0 and Chapter 6.5.
    • A trend that the author appears to intend to repeat with the currently in-progress Chapter 8.0 and 8.5.
    • The author had been releasing occasional “chapter fragments” of as far as Chapter 8.5, up until the supposed death of the fic.
  • What Could Have Been: A number of questions about the story go completely unanswered. Particularly crushing, as the story may never be publicly finished.
    • Any of the Sequel Hooks remain unfulfilled.
    • Tomoyo's latent magical powers.
    • More background information on Lycan's and Damien's species.
  • Word of Dante: Chaos Card Captor Renae, a currently unpublished but eluded spinoff by one of Chaos Card Captor Sakura’s readers. A great deal of canon is bent, twisted, or just plain broken (for instance, both Lycan and Damien are killed by the end of the fic), but any inconsistencies can be handwaved by Chaos Card Captor Sakura being just one part of a Massive Multiplayer Crossover. Also, Chaos Card Captor Renae hasn’t even been written yet, so the author of that fic will probably take the final revelations into account before writing.
  • Word of God: One of the advantages to a reader base that one could count with the fingers of one hand is that the author can communicate with all the readers on a regular basis.

Shards of Kaos

  • Shrug of God: Tomoyo’s father is mentioned, but any details about him, or what may have happened to him, are dismissed just as easily as he was.