Trivia: Challenge of the GoBots

  • Follow the Leader: To the Transformers cartoon, although GoBots merchandise is actually older.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Odo provided the voice of the mad scientist. Several Transformers actors can be heard as well.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes
    • Can never, ever be re-released or re-aired, due to the massive amount of legal tape due to copyright issues. Warner Brothers owns the cartoon but the character trademarks are owned by Hasbro (who acquired the property in the early 1990s when they bought Tonka, and also own the Transformers franchise) and character designs are owned by Bandai. Hasbro has recognized the popularity of the line however; they reused the Leader-One name for a character in Transformers Armada, created a homage to Crasher in the form of "Fracture" for the movie toyline, outright reintroduced Bugbyte as the big bad for a series of convention comics, and greenlighted Takara producing a box set of Gen1 mini-bots redecoed in the color of various Go-Bots characters. The characters and mythology of the original GoBots have been incorporated into Fun Publications' Transformers: Timelines as the Transformer-equivalents in their part of the Transformers multiverse.
    • The Renegade character Stretch also appears in Transformers Animated as Porter C. Powell's limousine, brought to life by an Allspark shard (in the comics and Allspark Almanac II; the normal non-living limo that became Stretch was shown in the cartoon several times).
    • Apparently a deal of some sort has been hammered out with the various copyright holders. A remastered DVD release of the original five episode pilot mini-series is scheduled to be released under the Warner Archive program.
    • It has been said that Warner did their research and discovered that they had all the rights to the cartoon, and that they did not need to get consent from anyone. While others have said that Hasbro is just as certain they have all the rights to the cartoon, Warner has released the opening mini-series, and reportedly has plans to release the rest of the series in two sets. No word on the movie, though.
  • Name's the Same: Zod shares a surname with a certain Kryptonian General.