Trivia / Celebrity Deathmatch

  • Actor Allusion: Brought up in the press conference for Jerry Seinfeld vs. Tim Allen, with Michael Richards, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and Jason Alexander (who all voiced their clay counterparts), when a journalist refers to Richards as Kramer:
    Michael: Hey, buddy, my name is Michael Richards; Kramer is just a character I play.
  • Contest Winner Cameo: Done at least twice. The first time, the contest winner had his spleen ripped out by John Tesh after he requested it, feeling that it would be an honor. The second time, the contest winner's soul was sold to the Devil by the hosts in exchange for the souls of the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, who fans had requested to fight each other (they had both been killed in previous matches — the Backstreet Boys by the Beastie Boys, and *NSYNC by KISS).
  • Fake Brit: Whenever British people turn up, they always have Cockney accents. Even if they're the Gallagher brothers (from Manchester), Ozzy Osbourne (from Birmingham) or the Spice Girls (variously from Hertfordshire, Yorkshire and Merseyside).
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: iTunes has made all the episodes of the revival and over a hundred fights from the original run available, but still, nearly half of the material from the first four seasons (including almost all of the commentary and storylines between the fights) can't be accessed legally. Some content has been put back up on YouTube after Viacom's lawsuit against them failed.
    • To make things a little bit better, four known CDM tapes were released: a supposedly "Greatest Hits" tape (consisting of 7 fights that are far from the show's "greatest hits"), and three compilation tapes (called "Celebrity Deathmatch: Round 1", "Round Two" and a rare "Round 7"). Also a WAY better compilation DVD: The Knockout Collection.
  • McLeaned: The reason Stacy was killed off; her VA was leaving the show. (In fact, even in-story she managed to make a small inside joke before she bit it, which suggested it happened because of the stress over her contract negotiations.)
  • Name's the Same: One of the commentators happens to be called Nick Diamond. No relation to Herbert "Tim Diamond" Simple's far more competent younger brother.
  • The Other Darrin: During the 2006-07 revival, Johnny Gomez, Nick Diamond, and Mills Lane were all recast. In Mills' case, his voice actor (Mills Lane) had a stroke and couldn't reprise his role.
  • Uncanceled: Though fans cried foul when it wasn't the revival they were expecting.
    • It was scheduled for a second uncancellation, this time with Eric Fogel back on the team, until Fogel announced via Twitter that MTV had stopped production on the re-boot.
  • Unintentional Period Piece:
    • The show's original run is this to the late '90s and early '00s. From promoting tennis star Anna Kournikova and actress Elizabeth Hurley as the internet's top two pinups, to billing the long-separated Bruce Willis/Demi Moore and Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman as two of Hollywood's biggest power couples (back before anybody knew who Ashton Kutcher and Katie Holmes were), to featuring a fight between Bill Clinton and Kenneth Starr to finally settle the Lewinsky scandal, it is impossible for Celebrity Deathmatch to escape the turn-of-the-New-Millennium time period in which it aired. The show's pop culture reference-based humor grew dated fairly quickly, and many of the celebrities featured are now far past their fame. To children of the '00s and beyond who don't have a decent understanding of the minutiae of the era's pop culture, most of the jokes will fly over their head.
    • The relaunch that aired on MTV2 likewise dates itself to the mid-'00s. The first episode alone is built entirely around parodies of the long-canceled and largely forgotten reality shows The Simple Life and Viva La Bam, while other fights are about such Turn of the Millennium ephemera as The Osbournes, Pimp My Ride, Ali G, crunk rap, Britney Spears' and Dave Chappelle's public meltdowns, and the Major League Baseball steroid scandal. One fight did reflect how the aforementioned Bruce Willis and Demi Moore had broken up... with the fight being between Willis and Ashton Kutcher, Demi's new lover (a relationship that ended in 2013), who was by then famous for hosting Punk'd.
  • What Could Have Been: The show originally ran before the rise of Reality TV, gossip blog culture, and celebrities who got famous through social media and YouTube and the revived version that aired for a brief time didn't even cash in this. Who knows what we could have seen if the revival was done well enough to stay on the air for more than two (nine episode long) seasons?
    • At one point during the show's first run, there was talk of a movie.
    • The Scifi Spectacular episode was to have a battle between William Shatner vs. Patrick Stewart. However despite even the approval of William Shatner himself, Paramount (a sister company of Viacom) pulled the plug on the idea because they weren't happy with the creators mocking their "million dollar franchise". Still it wasn't all bad, we ended up getting Nick Diamond's popular fight against Zatar the Alien instead.
    • The show was scheduled to be Uncancelled (again), with Eric Fogel back on the team. Had MTV not cancelled production, these ideas may very well could've seen the light of day.