Trivia / Catch Me If You Can

  • Actor Allusion:
    • When Hanratty is closing in at the engagement party, a dollar bill slips under the bedroom door and floats by him, just like a certain feather.
    • This comes seconds after another actor allusion, as Frank makes a hasty exit through a window, kissing Brenda before he goes into exile. After talking about the meaninglessness of his names, no less. Sound familiar?
  • Approval of God: Despite reservations about Leonardo Di Caprio's casting at first, the real Frank approved of the movie and called it "80% true".
  • Dawson Casting: Frank ages from 16 to his early twenties over the course of the film; he was played by a 27-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio. Justified in that the real Frank Abagnale looked older than his age, which was how he got away with many of his scams. And that's invoked in-movie; Hanratty's initial profiling of Abagnale after their first encounter includes being age 26 — 30.
  • Star-Making Role: Oddly averted for Amy Adams, who despite being prominently featured as Frank's girlfriend had to wait until Enchanted some years later to become an A-lister. Spielberg actually cast her in order to make that star, and said he was crushed when her career didn't take off immediately. According to Amy herself, she didn't work for a full year afterwards until Junebug and the subsequent Oscar nomination came along.
  • Throw It In!: When filming the scene where Frank meets his father in a fancy restaurant and Frank Sr. reminisces about meeting Frank's mother (who he is now divorced from) in France during World War II, Christopher Walken did the first few takes straight. Then during one take Walken suddenly broke down crying. Spielberg was so moved that he used it in the movie.
  • What Could Have Been: Johnny Depp was the original choice for Frank.